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A Fresh Perspective


Our Approach

At WestFab, we approach each project with the same outlook. Our goal is always to help clients meet their short-term project objectives while also preparing the asset for long-term success. It is not always the contract you have in place, as it is the contractor.


Lindbergh SAGD (Pilot & Phase 1)

Vessels and skids for the main facility and well pads, including group separator, test separator, well pair skids, source water, pump skids, and Boiler feed water.


Bilbo Compressor

Inlet separator building (10’X30’), construction and electrical, wall piping, and instrumentation was the scope of work for this NUVISTA project.


West Ells SAGD

PW/Glycol exchanger skid, west tank IGF, ORF skids, blowdown separator, south water building, pop drum building, various other process skids, modules, and spooling.


Great Divide, Algar SAGD

MPF Vessels and process skids, Well pair vessels and skids, modules, well pair skid 104A/B addition, group and test separator addition was our scope of work for this project.


Ecuador Dorine 1

Our scope of work for the Ecuador Dorine project with Encana was to provide 10’x50’ FWKO, H20 injection skids as well as miscellaneous skids.

Deer Creek Energy

Joslyn #2 Phase I & II SAGD Facility

Our scope of work for the Joslyn #2 Phase I and II SAGD Facility project was to provide MPF skids and vessels modules, well pair vessels skids and modules.

Westfab Success Factors

Westfab attributes the success of ongoing client relationships to several factors. By forming a lasting organizational commitment, we have established a dedicated multi-disciplined fabrication business that shares a long-term vision and a collaborative approach to continually reduce costs. Using a six-sigma design across the shop floor, Westfab focuses on a continuous improvement model from a bottom-up and a top-down approach, bridging the communication gap and increasing to world-class quality.


Our goal is to help our partners compete on a global scale.

  • Flexibility of WestFab’s team and balancing resources across multiple projects
  • Direct alignment on project drivers
  • Meticulous change management
  • Standardized equipment selection
  • Cost/schedule certainty off experience in heavy oil

Project Statistics


We invest in continuous improvement to stay ahead of the curve to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for our client’s financial and social requirements. We provide proven result.

  • Projects in North America (300+)
  • Total Project Value ($80M +)
  • Insitu Development Involvement (25%)


Our full-time QA/QC Manager ensures project life cycle quality and document control for all Westfab projects. Our QA/QC process is an end-to-end solution that is implemented upon project kick-off. 

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